On The Run Again

On The Run Again is a visual and conceptual non-linear story about being lost and on the run from our inner demons. A love allegory about a distance that can occur within oneself and between two people in a relationship that want to find back. When I started brainstorming the project, the artist quickly told me about his love for Depeche Mode, Blade Runner, Retrowave music, the 80s and the Hollywood film 'Drive'. The process of conceptualising this love allegory started. How do we show someone being on the run without actually showing a girl constantly running? We run from ourselves, from others, from thoughts and feelings, from tough situations and relationships to others. I landed on a sci-fi world inspired by Blade Runner and Drive that could carry the themes. The aim was for each scene to symbolise some sort of flight.

Behind The Scenes

Instead of writing a script first, I took some of the keywords from my brainstorming and started sketching conceptual storyboards based on the images in my head. After a while, they turned into something more unified which became essential for me when communicating set design, make-up, costumes, lighting and cinematography to all head of departments. After outlining the story based on the storyboard sketches, I wrote a script. I broke down the script and sketched floor-plans of how the characters would move and how the rooms would be constructed.

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The studio wasn't a big room. It had a challenging size and height. We had designed 6 completely different sets and each required the complete space of the studio. We had to come up with a way to work fast, dynamic and efficiently. Together with my art director, Tobias Westerberg, we made a system where we could drop down parts of the set from the ceiling, slide in a wall from the side and tear apart the scenography we knew we would never use again. When we were happy with the system, I illustrated and animated the set design workflow. The music video was shot over the course of 2,5 days. In total, 33 people including cast and crew were involved with the project.

Cast: Synth: Fannie Johansson Blixx86: Martin Blix Fire Artist: LInus Sköld Dancer 1: Ana Strandberg Dancer 2: Ronny Phan Dancer 3: Anna Marsh Denny Dancer 4: Tove Rådman Crew: Line Producer: Henry Frömann Olsson 1st AD: John Rådestad 2nd AD: Moa Hjort 2nd 2nd AD Bonnie Carlström 1st AC: Carl-Johan Holtback 2nd AC: André Forsström Grip: André Forsström Art Director: Tobias Westerberg Art Department Coordinator: Linnéa Grahn Set Dresser: Douglas Lewin Set Dresser: Pierre Bonneuil SFX, Hair & Make-up: Matilda Vaenerberg, Saloni Dejay Costume Designer: Elsa Rutherford-Stone Blixx86 Costume By: Kristoffer Kvarnström Choreographer: Ana Strandberg Gaffer: Alexander Franco Rigging Gaffer: Synnöve Pizarro Electrician: Akram Mahmoud Electrician: Teodora Petras Electrician: Tora Vilda Blomberg Rigging Electrician: Birk Overå Rigging Electrician: Claudius Wick Production Assistant: Suzanne Kennedy Still Photographers: Tora Vilda Blomberg, Tobias Westerberg Edited by: Simon Tonev, Henry Frömann Olsson, Jonathan Amrén, André Forsström BTS Video: Jonathan Amrén Colorist: Simon Tonev Title Design: Michael Palace, Martin Blix Title & Credits Animation: Simon Tonev Car by: Manoli Restaino, Olga Getman Executive Producers: Simon Tonev, Martin BLix Studio by: Stockholm Filmskola