Fiction: Cereal Killer

A few years ago I wrote a 5-page script for a short film set in a 70s living room about a serial killer that drowns a sad man in a bowl of cereal. The story has been compressed down to a 1-page script and the storyboards have been drawn. Coming 2021.

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Portrait: Andreas Emmanuel Söderlund

In January 2021 we began pre-production and test shooting for my next portrait of Andreas Emmanuel Söderlund. He has a huge fanbase in the woodworking community from all over the world. To be able to tell a small piece of his story is an honor. Pre-production material will be posted on the project page through the process.

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Moving to Stockholm

In August 2020 I moved from Bergen to Stockholm to study narrative film production at Stockholm Film School. Writing and directing fiction has always been a dream, and I am grateful I will be able to dedicate majority of my time to study and experiment with fiction and art the next two years. I will also be available for hire in Stockholm.

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Releasing my first music video

In May 2020, we started pre-production on my first music video. A great collaboration with the artist, Erlend Ødegård. We spent two weeks developing a concept and quickly decided not to go for a narrative. linear story. Instead we wanted to create conceptual scenes that could symbolize something that had to do with a tough heartbreak. Both of us had equal experiences with painful heartbreaks and that helped us create a personal, safe space to throw ideas around. Even bringing personal stories and twisting them into the scenes. The music video was released 28th of August same year.

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Branding a leading insurance company

In December 2019, Norwegian Hull Club approached me with a vision for a brand film they wanted to make. Norwegian Hull Club ranks among the largest pure marine insurers in the world and they are serving members and clients worldwide. Their mission is to secure lives, health, environment and property and their slogan "Expect More", reflects Norwegian Hull Club's efforts to fulfil and exceed the expectations of their customers and business partners. After two months of production time, the company was proud to present a new brand film at a conference with all departments from London, Oslo, and Bergen.

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Two years in KIND

In August 2017, I joined the international, multi-award winning, full-service branding agency KIND Conceptual Branding. An agency which was named Europe's best agency by the European Design Awards 2019/20. Working two years in Bergen with both photography and film production for brands such as 7 Fjell, Santander Norway, Cutters, Lerøy, Adams Matkasse, Giannotti and more.

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'The Letter' won the Audience Award

In March 2017, 'The Letter' won four awards at Sogndal Film Festival and the Audience Award at Amandus International Student Film Festival. The production consisted of 26 people and the soundtrack was composed by Polish composer Rafal Gosciminski.

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