With limited resources, making a Hollywood-looking 20 minute short film can be extremely difficult as the budget often does not suffice for all aspects of the film. Cinematography or scenography. You’ll often be forced to choose between what you value the most. I feel that this often leads to mediocre results and many compromises.

Making a one minute short film that has a budget that suffice is hard enough, but doable. So the idea with Cereal Killer is to plan for perfection in every aspect and department. Where the cinematography and light is perfect. Scenography and costumes on point. Acting and stunts carefully planned to surgical precision. Where all capacity goes into making every aspect of the film perfect. Making that one minute count.

By taking on my fellow film students to join the crew to create departments and implement the industry way of working, making Cereal Killer aims to be a one minute film with Hollywood quality. A production with incentives, where the crew feel that they are killing it and succeeding at what they are set to do. And most importantly given the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones.

The story of Cereal Killer is about a sad, divorced accountant that eats cereal for dinner when suddenly a serial killer enters his home, and drowns him in his bowl of cereal.